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Motivational Workshops

Cold coffee anyone? 😂🤣 How many times have you poured yourself a cup of coffee and then between the kids and your business totally forgot about it? 🤦🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️Ya that’s a daily for me too. 😂🤪 Well if you enjoy a good cup of cold coffee as much as I do then I know you would enjoy hanging out with us in our Facebook group. Every month my goal is to provide a workshop to help you focus on a specific area of your business. So grab that cold cup of coffee and head over to our Facebook group! I’ll see ya there! 

Business Development

When you are managing a household full of kids, it is stressful. That is why we will soon offer Business Development courses.  We are putting together proven ways to help teach you how to set goals, be more positive, and just enjoy life while managing it all. We offer numerous resources from eBooks, to journals, to free printables. Take a look at our shop and see what you find!

Soon to come: Courses! 

about me

Jenny Sponton

I am a mother of four crazy boys, the manager of #SpontonFarmhouse and I have built multiple successful businesses ranging in developing a drop ship software to web design. Now I am here to share the knowledge I have gained. My goal is to help motivate and give confidence to other Mompreneurs, like myself, trying to manage it all.

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    We all have obstacles to overcome. These can come in the form of a challenging task, a teething toddler or a business deal. I will share my recent journey with overcoming obstacles.Support the show
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    What is more valuable than your time? I have a few tips to help you manage this valuable resource. Check out these time management tips!
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