Affirmations are great to help you change your mindset to be more positive. Take the ones that can be applied best to you and write them in places where you can see them everyday. You can also record your voice saying them and listen to them everyday.

A to-do list creates a clear action plan.

The easiest way to keep on track with my goals is to document them. Listing the required steps allows me to make a detailed plan that will produce a favorable outcome, as long as I follow the steps.

I am able to commit physical and mental resources to anything that I undertake when I focus on taking one step at a time.

To avoid overwhelming myself, I only concentrate on the action item in front of me. My approach is to work productively to achieve the desired outcome. The results from one step provide a path for working through the next one.

I use this approach in both my professional life and my personal life.

At work, my days are successful because I commit to tackling the big things first.

Although urgent projects often come my way, I maintain my composure and focus on mission-critical priorities. I know that the ideal way to be effective at my job is to keep my priorities in mind and follow my to-do list.

In my personal life, I benefit from to-do lists because they enable me to prioritize my spending. I make a list of the things that require money and tackle them in order of importance.

At the end of each month, I am able to look back and feel satisfied with both my personal experiences and professional accomplishments.

Today, I feel proud of my approach to goal setting because it puts me in a great position to be successful. Taking things one step at a time is my formula for success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What factors do I use to determine how to prioritize my tasks?
2. How do I know when it is time to reshuffle my responsibilities for greater efficiency?
3. Which areas of my life are the most important?

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