Affirmations are great to help you change your mindset to be more positive. Take the ones that can be applied best to you and write them in places where you can see them everyday. You can also record your voice saying them and listen to them everyday.

I enjoy the peace of mind that comes with smooth sailing. But I also look forward to the opportunity to think creatively through adversity.

Adversity challenges me to do things differently. It challenges me to think in creative ways and from different perspectives. In most cases, this allows me to arrive at a tenable outcome.

I know that emotional adversity can come on when I least expect it.

If a highly charged situation happens while I am at work, I endeavor to put aside my personal feelings about the situation and remind myself of my priorities.

At home, I strive to handle emotional adversity with my partner or children with love. Regardless of my other emotions, love takes priority and helps me to find a solution that works for everyone.

It is important to me to remain composed when necessary. Because of this priority, I become creative in my responses to stress and challenges. I make every effort to allow positive reactions to shine through.

I recognize that reacting emotionally to adversity hardly ever allows a solution to present itself. This makes me driven to resolve the situation first.

Today, I accept that life sometimes throws curve balls and I am prepared for these challenges. I am encouraged by my brilliance and ability to create solutions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I sometimes get nervous in stressful situations?
2. Will challenges help to make me a stronger person?
3. Can I gain wisdom to help me in the future from each challenging experience?

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