Affirmations are great to help you change your mindset to be more positive. Take the ones that can be applied best to you and write them in places where you can see them everyday. You can also record your voice saying them and listen to them everyday.

I get through challenging times by pushing myself to work out. When I exercise, I have an opportunity to zone out. It gives me something to focus on so I can take my mind off difficulties. It is easy to relieve the stress because working out takes a lot of effort to get it right.

Each work morning I wake up and go for a run. My focus is less about how far I run and more about making the time to relax. Running helps to prepare me for tough work days.

My morning run balances my thoughts and emotions. It allows me to go into work with a calm mindset. I am less likely to give in to stress when I make time for my morning run. I am ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Workouts after taxing days help to restore peace of mind. Downloading at the gym each evening returns me to a centered place.

Participating in exercise allows me to release stress before interacting with others. My loved ones and friends deserve happy interactions with me. Exercise helps me to unwind so I am able to give my best to those I love.

Today, I make room in my life for exercise. It helps to balance me so I can live a better quality life. I find that my circumstances seem to improve when I make time for taking care of my mind and body.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What options exist for me to exercise while at work?
2. How does long-term exercise help in eliminating stress altogether?
3. What other activities can I participate in to balance my life and manage stress?

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