Affirmations are great to help you change your mindset to be more positive. Take the ones that can be applied best to you and write them in places where you can see them everyday. You can also record your voice saying them and listen to them everyday.

My timeliness is improving because I take steps to ensure my success. By preparing in advance for new situations, I decrease wasted time. I have the self-discipline to overcome tardiness and embrace punctuality.

My timeliness says a lot about who I am and how I feel about others. By being punctual I communicate a sense of self-respect and respect for others’ time. I strive to be punctual so that I can honor those with whom I interact.

Each night, I prepare for the day ahead by making a mental list of all my responsibilities. As I envision the next 24 hours, I begin to list all of the things I can do in advance to save myself time.

The more I do ahead of time, the less I have to do in the moments prior to a given event or task. From choosing what to wear and preparing my clothes to planning my meals and packing my lunch, I take advantage of the time I have in advance of the occasion.

When I plan the night before, my day goes much more smoothly. I feel relaxed because I avoid the stress of rushing. My mind is able to focus and produce quality ideas because I move at a calm pace.

Today, I choose to spend a few minutes thinking ahead to tomorrow. I plan and prepare as much as I can to get my day started on a relaxed note. When I start my day off right, there is no limit to what I can achieve.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do tonight to prepare myself for tomorrow?
2. How do I feel when I am rushing?
3. Why should I be punctual?

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