Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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  • PROTECTION FOR YOUR EYES – Alleviates visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights with UV400 protection and glare reduction.
  • Eliminate fatigue – Blue Light Blocking Glasses can 100% effectively block harmful blue light coming from phones, computer monitors, gaming, and other devices. Eliminates eye strain that causes headaches, aching eyes, and blurred vision
  • TR90 MATERIAL FRAME – The frame of these blue light glasses are made from TR90 material. TR material makes these computer glasses only half weight of plastic glasses, and two times durable. And these blue light blocking glasses are also constructed with reinforced metal hinges to ensure durability and avoid breaking. No fade.
  • Transparent Lens – multi layer blue filter coating is much more effective than toher non-coated glasses. This filters out almost all of blue light while letting you see clearly and precisely. Great for close work when you want to see details. Filters out annoying glare for better safety when driving. Great for walks and enjoying the outdoors.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – ensures all our customers with 100% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Breakage Warranty for our product. In case of any broken issues,please contact us without hesitation. We will provide the best service until our customers are satisfied. You have no risk to try!


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5 reviews for Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  1. Ernesto/Lisa

    WAY MORE effective than lower-than-default brightness or warm-colored screen settings
    I get almost daily headaches like Mom. This was super important for me as a medical doctor who uses the screen almost all day. At around 8 OR 10PM my eyes would be REALLY sore. I use very low brightness on phone & PC, as well as adjusting settings for warm color or lower-than-0 brightness (on PC) so it’s less intense.It was unbearable, even though I put Refresh Tears a couple of times a day. I got LASIK a few yrs ago but my eyes have always been dry, even before surgery. It got better once I had moonths of treatment and different kinds of eye drops (pre and post-op). However, the eyestrain was getting worse with these recent months.I can assure you these work amazing. If you take them on and off quickly, there’s an impressive difference in how you perceive your computer/phone screen.

  2. James

    They work, and they’re cheap. Get them.
    I’m an indie game developer and spend hours each day staring at two side-by-side computer screens and kept getting headaches after working for a few hours. Aspirin helped a little, so did turning down the brightness on my monitors, but I was still getting headaches.Turned out my headaches were apparently from eye strain, because after picking up a 3-pack of these (for I believe around $10), I stated wearing a pair every time I sat down in front of my computer and…no more headaches. They work. GET THEM.I will add, as a graphics artist, these do filter out blue light…literally…so if you are working on a project where colors are important, make sure to slide these off to check your work periodically, because they will block any blue tint in your texture work from showing up, which in the end, could cause your map to be a bit mismatched, or lacking in a specific tint. /jargon

  3. Kim Wampler

    Remote working/learning at home and eyes are tired!
    These were a terrific purchases b/c we got 3 pair in a box – one for Mom, Dad, and son… lightweight for Mom and stylish and reduced eye fatigue – CHECK! Sturdy, comfortable and reduced irritated eyes for 10 yr old son – CHECK! Attempted to fit Dad – no go. We were hopeful this 3 pair boxed set, with cloth, small screwdriver and cloth drawstring pouch was the one stop purchase for our family. The description shows the arms go 145 degrees for comfort – NOPE – Dad put them on, they were extremely tight, and was fearful the hinges and arms would break if he forced them to 145 degrees. So, 3 pairs for 2 people – still a great deal. We are on the hunt for XL sized blue light blocking for Dad at an agreeable price.

  4. Hales

    Tested with blue light—THEY WORK
     I’ve ordered blue light glasses before that were fake so I was skeptical. These glasses are not. I tested with a blue light (see video) and the glasses blocked a significant amount of the blue light. I wear these when I work on my computer and I can definitely tell a difference in eye fatigue. When I forget to put them on and work for an hour or so, my eyes start burning and turn red and I have a headache later. With these, I can work for hours without realizing it.When I tested each pair, the tortoise design frames don’t reflect the light back as much as the other two. But it blocked the same amount of blue light as the other two designs. I haven’t noticed a difference when I wear each pair.I tend to wear the clear frames more often. I feel the clear frames don’t m obstruct my view as much as the darker framed glasses. The only thing that keeps them from looking like prescription glasses is they have a slight yellow tint.All in all, would purchase again and recommend them for anyone that states at a screen for long periods of time—but who doesn’t, right?

  5. Danielle

    Great Blue Light Glasses
     These are awesome! They work quite well, haven’t had any headaches since using them and find I’m able to go to sleep much easier after using electronics in the evening with these glasses on. They’re lightweight and comfy and don’t glare at all!

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